• Your First Visit ?

    Your First Visit ?

    A bit surprised to find a site devoted to a college hall of residence? You might be a bit concerned that there is someone out there who would spend the time needed to build it? Well now you're over the initial shock have a look around and join in the conversation and remember part of your youth.

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  • Welcome !

    Welcome !

    You have arrived. Is it quite what you were expecting? Seeing Brinsford for the first time was something of a shock. It wasn't like one of those modern halls with nice kitchens and hotel style rooms. What did your parents think? Now you'd arrived were you going to settle in or escape as soon as possible?

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  • The 1960's

    The 1960's

    Brinsford has quite a history dating back to post war when it was part of a munitions factory. Following independance from the UK Brinsford was offered to the Malayan government as a teacher training college. Find out how life was a long way from home in the early 1960's

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  • A Quiet Life ?

    A Quiet Life ?

    Not too sure what to expect? This was your first time away from home and even better away from your parents and irritating siblings. Were you hoping for a world of academia, quiet study and perhaps the occasional half pint of local bitter ? Sorry but you'd come to the wrong place!

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The Brinsford Network

Old Friendships

The Brinsford Network is a social area to find out what happened to block mates and help you keep in touch. You will also have your own personal profile and timeline to keep upto date.

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The Brinsford Bar

Mine's a Pint

A forum for registered BLSA members. The forum is divided into sections for different periods so you can chat with friends and also find out what it was like before and after you lived there.

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The Brinsford Blog

Not Quite The Lurker

News and updates about the Brinsford Lodge website. The latest news about the site plus the odd article about downtime, bugs and other functional issues that you need to know about.

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Brinsford Galleries

Brinsford Calendar

The Brinsford Year was punctuated by a series of key events. For freshers the Christmas Do was one they probably remember best

Life at Brinsford

Life at Brinsford wasn't all about drinks, drugs and rock and roll. Very occasionally we did do something vaguely sporty. This was usually to avoid studying with frisbees and snooker the preferred choice.

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