A bit of history

I was at Brinsford from 1977-1981. Saying that makes me sound like a recovering alcoholic. Little did I think then that I'd be sitting here on a Sunday morning in 2014 writing about it. The late 90's saw the availability of cheap webspace and web development tools that a keen geek could use. So I was casting about for some reason to use them. I thought I could hone my skills by doing a Brinsford web site. Thus version 1 came about in the late 90's. I ran it and it got tagged by Google under a different webspace address. Probably cheaphosting.com/~brinsford/index.html or somesuch

Little did I realise that it would reach so far. Development slowed (ok stopped) for quite some time but even during this period I made contact with a group of Malayan teacher training students who studied at Brinsford in the early 60's. So I did a few updates based on some input from them. Eventually I pulled the site when I had to change hosting requirements.

I still have the original site data and may post some screen shots at some point. I've dropped the references to Netscape ! It's fair to say that the web and web development tools have come on a bit since I first did this. I now live in the USA and do various web development work for clients. I needed a test site for various reasons so I thought rebuilding the Brinsford Lodge web site would be a good way to test them. Which is why you are looking at a website that looks a bit different to the old one. Over time I will add new functionality which will mostly work and will mostly look finished

Old Specifications

The original site was developed using Adobe Pagemill for the HTML and Paintshop Pro for the graphics. Key browsers were Netscape and a very early Internet Explorer. From memory it was hosted on a IIS server somewhere and I had single channel ISDN - all 64K of it

New Specifications

The site has been developed using the Joomla CMS Engine with a Rockettheme template (Fresco) and a whole stack of addins such as EasySocial/Blog/Kommento, ACYMail, Kunena Forum etc. I use Dreamweaver or Notepad+ for CSS and Photoshop or Fireworks for graphics. Ironically I develop all pages first using a plain text editor. No wysiwyg here. We resell hosting (Apache/Linux) so I manage that directly for our clients. I'm currently using a 50mbit internet connection. Times have changed and it would not be possible without the fantastic FOSS software movement (go look it up). We use a wide range of software which varies in cost from effectively nothing (FOSS) to the "let's extract every damn penny we can" - I'm looking at you Adobe!

Future Plans

If you are reading this I have pushed it out into the cold light of day. I do hope you feel interested in making a contribution be it some text or some photos. Either way I hope it provides a bit of fun on a slow work day or while you are prevaricating at the weekend when you should be out doing some weekend chores. The post launch plans include fuller social networking with more integration with FB and G+ and to add more content. Keep in touch on the forum !

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