Please Send Stuff !

If this site is going to be of interest to more than just me and my group of friends then I really need to get a wider range of experiences included on here. Most of us will have our own photos of our time at Brinsford. Photos of our friends and the things we did, when we did them. I can only speak for myself when I say I really enjoy looking at other people's photos too. If they were there at the same time as me I see people who I recognise but didn't know that well. If they were there in the years before me then it's fascinating to see how it was "back then"

So if you have photos, articles you want to send (of any length) then please do so and I will publish them here and index them within the site. Please be aware though of two constraints. My time for one - this is a part time hobby. My server space is another. If you are selective over which photos to send there's more chance of them going live as I don't have unlimited space so don't send all your photos.


If you want to write something either about your time at Brinsford or some specific aspect of it please do so. They don't need to be essays and I won't be marking you on your English. I can handle articles in pretty much any format including PDF although something like the many flavours of MS Word or plain .txt files makes life easier. Don't bother formatting with anything except paragraphs as I will reformat them for here.


Photo submissions are especially welcome because despite all the words written on this site photos are probably why you are here. We have a fair selection from the 70's but would really welcome them from any period. See the notes below if you have some we can use. They can be events / people / the buildings - I think all will be of interest. If there are sufficient other variants e.g pictures of students actually at college doing something for once then I can set up a gallery for that too. Please note I can't promise to post every single photo (due to space) but will do my best. Pick your best ones.

Submitting Photos

Most people coming here will be looking for photos so please send any you wish to be published on here but please note the following

  • All photos to be in jpg format
  • They only need to be 72dpi for screen display and/or 800 px wide. If you drop the dpi and scale them down then there's less need to reduce quality if you are sending JPG files as is likely. It's unlikely you'll be sending straight from camera digital shots as there weren't any in the 70's although I guess you could photograph photos if you don't have a scanner. Either way if you are scanning they don't need to be 2400dpi that's for sure.I would expect most pics to be not more than 75-125K at best
  • Give each image a descriptive file name which includes the academic year not the calendar year. Throughout this site 1980 for example, means Autumn 1980 to Summer 1981 as that it the way you would want to search for photos.
  • Probably best not to post pictures that would take some explaining at an interview or at a conservative party selection meeting. I will include names of people where supplied so be aware of Google
  • I reserve the right not to publish any article or photo where it could cause serious offence, break the law or risk legal action of any sort. I have to be final arbiter in this. I should add while most had an average/good/short/long stay at Brinsford not everyone enjoyed some or all of it. If they want to talk about this they are very welcome but it's not my intention for this to be a place of strife so no digs about the round someone never got in or the poor choice of records at the disco.

Where to Upload Files

Please zip up all files and send them via the mailbigfile service which is free. Please add a full message to all file uploads. If I get random zip files with no explanation I will not download them. Please do not upload multiple single files as it's time consuming for both of us. Better to zip them up before loading. Zip or RAR formats preferred. Please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.