Wolverhampton Polytechnic

Halls of Residence (1964 - 1982)

Following the closure of the MTT, Brinsford Lodge became the Halls of Residence for Wolverhampton Polytechnic, providing single-occupancy study/bedrooms for up to 250 students. The site retained its existing catering facility and consequently offered half-board accommodation. The houses continued to be used for accommodation and were renamed as 'blocks' (for example: J Block). The teaching buildings were also turned into accommodation, and retained their previous naming convention suffixed with 'block'. The names were abbreviated in day-to-day usage, so that people were now living in CR (Classroom), Tut (Tutorial), Geog (Geography), etc. blocks, but there was no longer any association between the names and their original function.

Each block held around a dozen students and, in addition to the study/bedrooms and bathrooms, provided minimal cooking and clothes-washing facilities. Pairs of rooms from the MTT rooms were joined together and alternate doorways sealed over, giving larger single rooms for Polytechnic students.

The main disadvantage of the site was that its distance from the town centre meant daily coach services were needed to transport students to and from the main campus in the centre of Wolverhampton. Part-way through the 1973-4 academic year the Polytechnic opened a newly constructed self-catering hall (Randall Lines) near the Wolverhampton Wanderers football ground, in Wolverhampton town centre. This building was within walking distance of the main campus and its proximity had clear benefits regarding transport and easier access to the polytechnic facilities. Further halls of residence have since been opened.

Brinsford Lodge closed as a Hall of Residence in 1982. Without the drying effect of the heating system the buildings deteriorated rapidly, and they were demolished within a couple of years. As at November 2010, the site remains undeveloped.

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