Fine Wine and Dining

Once a year romance and class came to Brinsford. Food was not thrown around and even table manners were on display. Piggery was put on hold! The Christmas dinner was an event that everyone looked forward to. The dining room was converted from a zoo into something that was actually rather romantic. However, Christmas dinner was more than a mere meal.

I think the first time we knew the meal was getting close was when a few hardy individuals set off with a minivan and went raiding people's gardens and anywhere else they could find armed with saws, flashlights and face masks. This was the hunt for the Xmas tree and these were the future captains of industry and whatever (mainly whatever-ed). It was certainly one of my favourite nights of the year. Nobody ever got caught! Although a few nearly got killed with the potential for arrest ever present.

Next job was a trip in the minivan to Laxons. The shop needed to be stocked and a stack of alcoholic drinks needed to be bought. Sherry was the drink of the day and a pile of liquers would help warm us up.

The Christmas meal was huge event and none worked harder than our wonderful cooks. They toiled all day over a special meal and along with the green men, Keith Hammond and all the staff served us our dinner.

We all got dressed up. The girls looked fab and even some of the guys looked cool. How fashions have changed! First port of call was the long room for sherry and then onto the dining room that had been completely rearranged, decorated and lit by candles. Great food, loads of wine and then those liquers. Even the disco gear was bought in to play some carols.

If all that wasn't enough the ents team then put on the Christmas Do which was one of the major events of the year (along with Bonfire night). They could be seen dragging the disco gear out into the main hall usually before the meal was totally over(errm - a bit earlier than that I think - ed). By the end of all this there were more than a few drunken happy campers.

The words romantic and Brinsford were never synonymous, and yet, that dining room for a few hours was as close as we came. It was a magical evening. Nothing I write and few photographs can really do it justice.

Robert Holloway

Brinsford 1977-81

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  • In case you are wondering about the photos on the right. From the top. 1962 - Christmas Dinner - Malayan trainee teachers . 1979 Kath inspects while Lorraine Wood and John Conway? set up Christmas tree in dining room. 1979 - dining room before we started sorting all the tables. 1980 Frank Venner, Rob Holloway and Robin Waghorn (ents sub-committee) resting after clearing up.

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