No Sign of Ikea

Just one example - there were so many other variations on this theme. Although the design of the rooms varied between fairly conventional ones like this which were in the long blocks around the periphery of the site ( blocks B - V) to the squarer rooms in Geog and West Wing etc, the contents were always the same. You'd get your wonky metal sprung bed which always pivoted on the middle leg . Follow that up with a desk and chair, huge wardrobe and naff curtains and you have the makings of home ! And of course there was your K9 - a set of draws on wheels, ideal for storing bits of junk but most importantly the K9 races down the corridors.

Once you had that then you were onto some radical redecoration. For some their only expression of interior design skill was to make the room as much a biohazard as possible but for others the main aim was to blot out the yeuchhy pastel coloured walls. In my room this was achieved by the liberal application of posters. It didn't matter what the poster was, could be music posters, art , gigs or even adverts for ChuckieChicken and Texan Bars.

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    I'd add one memory of my own concerning the rooms: it was always good to have the shelves on the outside wall as those on the inside wall were always liable to their contents being knocked off by friends banging on the interior walls as they ran down the corridor! :)

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  • Strange how much easier student life was back then, my one son (age 20) is in College now, very nice student accommodation, but not a poster on his wall.. you lose your deposit if the muted beige is damaged.. mind you his room at home is a shrine to heavy metal art work...

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  • Hi Sean, I can't imagine being at college and not having Kiss posters covering every square inch of wall.

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  • I wonder how many wall sockets and network connections there are in a modern student room too. Keith Hammond's maxim - fix what you've broken and we won't say anymore about it , probably won't past muster these days. I suspect it wasn't that relaxed at Lomas Street and Randall Lines though.

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  • My son's bedroom, here at home, has a striking resemblance to a Brinsford room, although it is Slip Knot these days not Kiss.. maybe the Brinsford vibe contaminated the family DNA... I see a Peter Parker Parallel developing here....

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  • Wall to wall Blondie posters in my room. And newspaper cuttings. And the ultimate luxury - I brought some old carpet from home and put it in S6. Might be fun to have a link from here to post a pic of our own rooms?

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