On the Buses

One of the disadvantages about Wolverhampton Polytechnic was that someone had for some strange reason decided to build the poly about five miles from Brinsford Lodge. Yes , I know it's a bit odd - but Black Country people are like that. Given that there were 250 of us and a few thousand of them on the main site - we lost out out. One of the decisions you had to make fairly early on during your stay at Brinsford (like the first day of college) was how you were going to get into town . Some people made the decision to stay at Brinsford and let other people get their lecture notes for them but this option wasn't open to most. If you were lucky enough to have a car then it was of course a no-brainer. Cars were something of a rarity when I was there in the 70's - you have to wonder if Brinsford was open now how many cars there would be?

When I was there in the late 70's most students did not have a car so alternative transport was laid on for them. You had to buy your bus pass for the term which entitled you to the luxury of a coach into the poly every morning bus stationand one back in the evenings (well most of the time). This was handled by the transport officer - a certain John Cooke in my time. Cookie had the not terribly wonderful 2L Fprd Caprijob of checking that no-one was using the coach service without a pass. Given that he took to this job like a School Prefect trying to earn a Special Badge , we certainly under-appreciated him at the time. Sadly a photograph remains of this man and his orange pully. The morning generally went OK , it was the winter evenings that were the real killers. We had to wait at the coach station and some times we had to wait an awfully long time. I remember that coach station as it had a greasy spoon caravan parked there. No-one wanted anything in the morning as they'd just had a Brinsford All Day Breakfast. In the evening when it was freezing and you were bored waiting for the coach to turn up - the damn place was closed !

And the name of the coach company when I was there? Hazeldines.

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