Publications and Scandal Sheets

You may not remember it but your life at Brinsford involved some paperwork. Certainly in the time I was there I saw a generational step forward from the Banda machine printed items like the BLSA Minutes to the burning white heat of "photostats" which we pilfered from the Students Union whenever we could.

The whole process of being offered a place at somewhere called Wolverhampton Polytechnic generated an initial paperwork trail of offers, confirmations, directions and things to sign. By the time you got to college you would have quite a collection. Arriving as a fresher at Brinsford you would have more things to read, sign and store carefully. You stored them carefully right ? Oddly enough I did for some reason. Obviously I was early into OCD and I kept a pile of stuff. If you read it you may remember a little more (or come to the conclusion that throwing it away/losing it was the mark of a normal person.)

When I was at Brinsford there were two key publications.Initially the semi-official Brinsford Times - a student rag designed to keep Brinsford informed about what was happening. Quite important as most of our social activity was Brinsford rather than College based and I guess as a social enclave out in the sticks it became a community of sorts. This led to the appearance of an anonymous scandal rag - The Lurker

As I write this I am still pondering if I should publish it on here. Reading through a few back issues I am struck by how erm, incisive it could be. Little escaped the gossip mongers and it certainly featured as many "ists" as was possible to have. Anyway for your delectation here are a few printed items and publications for you to enjoy. All submissions gratefully accept - see the usual place for guidance on this

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