Did We Really Look That Young ?

General Organisation

It might surprise you but I've put some thought into the organisation of the photo galleries. Every photo that gets put online goes into a database and is tagged. Tags vary of course but they include obvious things like year and some major grouping such as bonfire night, Christmas, the bar, summer term etc. The menu options are actually pointing at a specific gallery of photos which in turn is based on say all photos taken in 1980. Makes it nice and easy for me to organise the galleries and makes it convenient for you when you want to look for all photos taken say, in the bar

Sooooo. If you send me any photos please tell me something about them. Most important is the year but don't forget this is the academic year. As I've said elsewhere on here it's the academic year that you will be interested in so a picture taken in January 1981 should be labelled/tagged as 1980. So by amazing logic one taken in September 1981 would be tagged 1981. Pictures taken out of term time will require a full commmmiittteeee meeting.

It's my goal to keep the tags reasonably structured so I can't use them to tag people. If you provide photos with peoples name I will include them in the photo text description. The site is searchable so you can track down incriminating photos that way.

The current structure is just an opener. Hopefully over time we will get some more in and I will tweak the photo breakdown to reflect the range of material


I am very keen to get other people's photos on here so please send them in. I've provided some guidance here on the best way to send photos, text and articles