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2004 BL Farmers Field
This is the bottom of Featherstone Lane. Going off to the right is the road to Brinsford. There used to be a gate here to get into the field.
2004 BL Houses
The road down from Featherstone Lane along the front of Brinsford. The car is parked by the front entrance.
2004 - The Main Entrance
This is what remains of the main entrance with the view towards the offices on the right.
2004 BL Entrance
This was once the main entrance to Brinsford with the front gates just about visible. Spot the housing !
2004 The Main Road
View from inside the entrance down the main access road. Wardens house and tennis courts would have been to the right
2004 - Swan Block
View from the service bay behind the kitchens. Swan Block is just to the right of the tree in the foreground.
2004 - Gym ?
View of gym ? Can't quite place this
2004 - T Block
All that remains of most of the blocks. In this case it was T-Block
2004 - The Bar Area
This is the three parts of the bar area with U block at the back. The main entrance is off to the near right.
2004 - View across Brinsford
Last tree standing. A wide sreen view toward bar to left and dining hall in front. Gatehouse area behind
2004 - Towards Entrance from T Block
View across Swan Block and bar area toward main entrance
2004 - View from Gatehouse
View from gatehouse area towards the wardens accomodation